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Septic Systems

(Tank/Treatment unit and leaching bed)
Filter Bed
Infiltrator Chambers
Pump Chamber


In many small communities and rural areas, septic systems are a common method of waste disposal and treatment. Septic systems are common in these areas because they are the most cost effective and efficient waste treatment technology.

If properly designed, installed and maintained, a septic system can service a home for up to 25 years. However, poorly designed, installed or unmaintained systems may be hazard to the environment and public health through inadequately treated wastes.

Septic systems treat household wastes onsite using a series of natural processes. These natural processes occur in the different components of the septic system. The two major components or septic system are the septic tank and the drain field (which is also known as the leach field or the weeping bed).

Some systems may include a distribution tank and the drain field. Distribution boxes are concrete or plastic structures that ensure effluent from the septic tank is evenly distributed to the drain field.

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