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Septic Inspections

Why a Septic System Inspection?
The purchase of a home or seasonal property is one of the largest investments made in your lifetime. Inspection of the septic system before you purchase gives you the peace of mind of knowing the general condition of the septic system you are purchasing and when it may need to be replaced or updated.

What does the inspectin include?
Locate and determine size of tank
Sludge test to determine if the tank needs to
be pumped
Check tank condition and age
Place dye in tank to see if bed is falling at any
specific point
Arrange to have risers installed to grade for future
access for servicing
Investigate the size and condition of disposal bed
Check the perimeter of disposal bed for break outs
Digging a test hole to determine the water table
Prepare a site location drawing of the septic tank
and disposal bed
Preparation of a report on the findings for you
and/or financial institution


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